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Fat loss and wellness with DXN products

Treatment of the real root of obesity with DXN products

When it comes to fat loss and obesity, first we need to find the cause before we can understand the cure. Those programs that target only the obvious symptoms (overweight), do not resolve the problem of excess body fat itself. It’s like pulling out the weeds without their roots.

Cute fat bird from old Hungarian cartoon loves all kinds of chocolate

He loves all types of chocolates. This cute funny fat bird is a famous Hungarian cartoon character from 1978 called ‘Dumpling Arthur’, as his round body resembles the food we eat in Hungary stuffed with plum jam or cottage cheese. (All copyrights of the cartoon belong to István Csukás, Ferenc Sajdik, Attila Dargay and Pannónia Filmstúdió.)


What happens when someone eats too much acidic food? Do acidic foods make me fat?

What the blood is like, so is the body. What the body is like, so is the blood. The quality of the blood and the body depends on the quality of the consumed meals and beverages. Those who eat acidic foods develop weak blood cells and other cells become weak, too. They can even put on excess weight. Some of the acids get emptied through the guts with urine and through the skin with sweat, but what remains in the body, must be stored or neutralized. The excess acids begin to break down constituent cells of our tissues and organs. Due to the degradation of the cells the body switches to self-protection mode. As a desperate defense mechanism, it starts to use the fat taken in with food and in the tissues, whatever its price is. Fats can bind acids and are primarily used for storing acids.


What are the effects of acidification?

Acidification triggers 3 things in the body:

  • the break-up of the acid-base balance,
  • the destructive cycle of weight gain and
  • the emergence of diseases.

Too much acid draws oxygen from the blood. Without oxygen, metabolism slows down. What is even worse, with the fermentation of food in the bowels, fungi appear in the body. As fungi are living organisms, they should feed. When they multiply in the overly acidic body, they consume the food we have eaten, reducing chemical and mechanical absorption of the food up to 50%. That can also cause emaciation in some people. Among skinny people, intestinal destruction and/or mucosal hypertrophy is  frequent, just as accumulation of undigested protein in the intestine. Without proper nutrition the body does not work well. In this case, the food gets stuck in the digestive tracts. Instead of broadcasting energy it further acidifies the body. It is a vicious circle. The result is weight gain, fatigue and illness.

Bottom line: people are not overweight, but too acidic.

Acidic and alkaline foods DXN products and traditional Hungarian cake: beigli filled with nuts.

If you want to get rid of fat, don’t try this at home (eating cake)! 🙂 When I felt a bit sick this winter, I ate both acidic and alkaline foods, to keep my mood and feeling of overall well-being high. So, I supplemented my mom’s delicious Hungarian beigli (nutcake-roll) with DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina and some oranges and grapefruits.


There is a solution to treating obesity

The single most effective method for permanent weight loss is the change of lifestyle. The secret of success for the whole family is not just changing eating habits, but also changing lifestyle. This is especially important for children, who can be justified for a lifetime of healthy eating, and the love of movement and sports. Let’s prefer the vegetables, whole grain cereals, oil seeds and fruits. More than 100 years ago dr. John Harvey Kellogg launched the breakfast cereal, which is still one of the healthiest breakfast food that is high in fiber and low in fat. Oil seeds contain many minerals, fiber, vitamins, protect heart health and help to retain a small amount of the ideal body weight as well.


From Fat to Fit:

What kind of DXN products should I take if I am overweight?

If someone is overweight, that is not a condition that can not be changed. We all know about the importance of healthy food and regular, daily exercise. There are tons of useful material about proper nutrition and sport on the internet. I can add something new to help people change from fat to fit:

The long-term treatment of the real roots of obesity and weight loss can be achieved with the consumption of DXN products (along with proper diet and movement).


DXN MycoVeggie

DXN MycoVeggie is a gentle colon-cleanser. It is a high-fiber content mixture of Plantago psyllium (psyllium husk), DXN Spirulina, selected mushrooms, vegetables, spices and tea. It detoxifies the digestive tracts by cleaning out the toxic residue stuck in the walls of the colon. DXN MycoVeggie also serves as a source of nutrition.

Colon cleansing smootly with DXN MycoVeggie herbal mixture

Colon cleansing does not need to feel unpleasant. I drink DXN MycoVeggie before meals to clean my tracts so that food can travel smoothly.


DXN Spirulina Cereal

Spirulina is widely known as a balanced superfood. The consumption of high-fiber cereals are encouraged by all food science experts. DXN Spirulina cereal is made of high quality DXN Spirulina powder and wheat, vegetable-based cream, malt extract, and vannilin. It can be prepared in a minute with water. This makes DXN Spirulina Cereal one of the best and most easily available food sources. It combines the appetite suppressant effects of Spirulina and cereals. Spirulina consumption eliminates vitamin and mineral deficiencies resulting from the one-sided weight loss diet. This affects our brain’s “satiety center”, reducing the feeling of hunger. If we take 5 Spirulina tablets half an hour before a meal, due to its high protein content, satiety occurs, which helps to reduce excess calorie intake. In more simple words: it gives our belly the feeling of being full, so we eat less.

DXN Spirulina Cereal alkalizes the body and helps in weigh control

DXN Spirulina Cereal is healthy superfood fastfood


DXN Spirulina tablets

We have discussed Spirulina in details above with DXN Spirulina Cereal. Here is a summary about the health benefits of this nutritious green alga.

DXN Spirulina Cereal contains Spirulina alga superfood powder.

DXN Ganoderma powder and Spirulina alga tablets contain all nutrients our body needs.

Taking DXN Spirulina tablets helps to:

  • clear thinking
  • lose weight
  • vacate of excreta
  • reduce blood pressure
  • relieve and reduce symptoms of allergy
  • contorl blood sugar level
  • terminate iron deficiency and anemia
  • eliminate or prevent the formation of vitamin deficiency
  • restore the intestinal flora
  • protect against osteoporosis
  • eliminate joint problems
  • promotes hair and nail growth
  • maintain the integrity of the skeletal system


DXN Cordypine

DXN Cordypine drink is ‘The King of Enzymes‘: is a fermented pineapple enzyme drink with DXN Cordyceps medicinal mushroom.

Fermented pineapple enzyme drink with Chinese caterpillar fungus extract

Delicious alkaline enzyme drink from DXN made from Cordyceps extract and pineapple.

DXN Cordypine is made from pineapple, the essential the star fruit of the diets of Hollywood celebrities. It originates from Paraguay. It was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus at the end of the 15th century. Pineapple is an excellent food in therapeutic aspects, too, with outstanding digestive, diuretic and cleansing effect. Thanks to its very high vitamin-, mineral- and fiber content, it strengthens the immune system. Its antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is also well-known. In addition, its bromelain enzyme content helps digestion and restoration of acid-base balance.

What is the secret of pineapples in fat-burning?

The secret of the beneficial effect of pineapple in burning fat is connected with bromelain enzyme. It provides help in digestion of proteins and plays an effective role in fat burning. It breaks down proteins to amino acids, which, after absorption into fat cells, burn quickly. Fat cells will consume more energy with the burning than is released, so its size will gradually reduce. Due to its digestion accelerating effect toxins are more quickly excreted from the body, so it is also a perfect detoxifier. It lowers blood acidity, thus helping the preservation and restoration of the body’s acid-base balance.


DXN Cordyceps capsules

The main active ingredients of Cordyseps medicinal mushroom are the high and low molecular weight polysaccharides (the most famous of them is Cordyceps acid).

Studies confirm that consumption of Cordyceps may helps the body use oxygen, and may amplify the body’s immune responses. It can contribute to maintain adequate levels of blood fats, cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, and ultimately for cardiovascular health. It is antioxidant and involved in inhibiting development of oxidative processes caused by harmful free radicals, thus inhibiting the ageing process.It can hinder the growth of certain bacteria and fungi.

DXN Cordyceps capsules vitalize sexually, mentally and physically without any side effects.

DXN Cordyceps capsules are grown on rice husk. Despite the strange name Chinese caterpillar fungus, which reflect how the mushrooms are born in their natural environment, the ‘Himalayan Viagra’ is free from animal ingredients.

Did you know?

Did you know, that Cordyceps sinensis is originally a parasite mushroom (Chinese caterillar fungus) that feeds on the larvae of caterpillar? In its natural environment it grows on slopes of the Himalayas, and due to its sexual function-booster effect, we call it the ’Viagra of the Himalayas’. DXN Holdings Berhad (official name of DXN company) grows it on rice husk under the strictest quality control without involving any animals, so DXN Cordyceps capsules and DXN Cordypine pineapple enzyme drink are Vegan products.


Ganoderma lucidum extract:

Japan’s research scientists have shown that Ganoderma (Reishi) consumer thin people gain weight and in case of the obese, weight loss is experienced. No matter how young or old someone is, it can be male or female, in any state of health, Ganoderma medicinal mushroom allows people to maintain optimal body weight and shape. In case of regular use, Ganoderma sets the vitality and balance of the biological functions. Since it terminates obesity, overweight people do not have to worry about excess weight. A lot of women concerned with their looks do not have to suffer due to unpleasant side effects of the drugs taken in starvating slimming diets. As Ganoderma (Lingzhi) is described as one of the most alkaline herbs, its consumption on a regular basis eliminates the aforementioned acidification, thus eradicating the real roots of obesity.

Red Reish extract is the active ingredient of the 90-day-old Ganoderma medicinal mushroom.

Red Reish extract from DXN, the Ganoderma company.


What about me? I take a lot of DXN products, am I slim or fat?

After reading all the information above, you might think that I am some crazy shredded guy with six-pack-abs and very low bodyfat percentage. Okay, I have a 6-pack, and can do hanging leg raises with straight legs, but there is some fat on it. Honesty comes first. I will not post any photoshopped ’before and after’ pictures about myself here. At the moment I am writing this blog, I am about 10 kilograms overweight. Hopefully I will soon be able to erase this part of my blog, LOL! 🙂

I can hear the rightful questions now from you, who have read all the above:

’Why is it? You told us before that DXN Ganoderma and other products treat obesity!’

Even though I (have to) ride my bike 3 times a day with my dogs and train (a bit) daily, I do not eat very well. I have a sweet tooth. There are periods when I can say no to sweets (for a while), but many times I feel more relaxed if I can have some sweets like ice-cream, chocolate and cakes. Not to mention some frozen cheese in breadcrumbs and bread, rice, you name it. I was born in 1976, you can guess my age, and over 30 men tend to put on weight on their bellies, if they do not have some great genetics or train like a Spartan. I hear everywhere that ’abs are made in the kitchen’. I experience it on my own skin unfortunately, that it is so true. Having a well-shaped body depends on 80% food and 20% training.

So, please do not let yourself be misguided: eating and drink tons of DXN foods and beverages, but missing the right amount of daily exercise and eating processed foods full of carbohydrates, you will not succeed in losing fat.

DXN products can boost the fatloss process if proper nutrition and sports is involved in your everyday routine.

The above writing of mine is the improved, re-edited version of my blog entry from my previous, now not active website. I originally published it on 15th August 2014 with the title: ’Treatment of the real root of obesity with DXN products’