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DXN Spirulina tablet is a small but unbelievably nutritive alkaline alga-superfood.
  • DXN Spirulina tablet is a small but unbelievably nutritive alkaline alga-superfood.

DXN Spirulina tablet 500 superfood: an alkaline nutrient-bomb

DXN Spirulina tablet superfood enhances the functions of the organs. This is me taking these alkaline nutrient-bomb tablets:


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Available packaging size: 500 tablets x 250mg

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DXN Spirulina tablets have all the nutrients modern food lacks today

DXN Spirulina tablet is an extremely nutritive alkaline superfood. Taken with DXN Ganoderma, they supplement each other with all the nutrients our body needs. DXN Spirulina can play an effective role in Ganotherapy as well. Daily consumption of Spirulina helps to balance the acid-base equilibrium in the body.

What is the ingredient of DXN Spirulina tablet?

The ingredient of DXN Spirulina tablet is a type of blue-green algae or cyanobacteria produced by DXN company in Alor Setar, Malaysia. Only the selected best species are cultivated naturally a clean pond applying no pesticides or herbicides. DXN Spirulina tablet is special because of the special, all-year-round sunny Malaysian climate as well, as sunshine is plays an essential part in Spirulina platensis cultivation. The company is fully in charge of the whole procedure from the cultivation process to finished goods. This philosphy (DXN One Dragon) ensures the best price and quality of Spirulina and Ganoderma products on the market.

DXN Spirulina tablet is given birth to in the organic Spirulina ponds in the Alor Setar bio-farms in Malaysia.

Organic Spirulina farm with green algae ponds in Alor Setar, Malaysia: this is where DXN Spirulina tablet is produced.

Spirulina platensis is the best alkaline superfood from Mother Earth

DXN Spirulina tablets are suitable for children, adults and senior citizens as well. It contains all essential amino acids and helps to cease the symptoms of malnutrition. It protects the „Golden Triangle”: the lungs, the kidney and the heart. Spirulina helps to treat high blood lipids and blood sugar and it is effective in tumor therapy.

Can I overdose on Spirulina?

Do not worry, you can’t. Neither Spirulina, nor Ganoderma have any side effects.

There is one important notice, though: those with thyroid disfunctions should take DXN Spirulina tablets very gradually.


Because this bluish-green wonder-alga enhances and restarts the weakly functioning organs so effectively, that the sudden boost of thyroid functions might affect the patient in an unpleasant way. So, to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience, take it slow.

How many DXN Spirulina tablets should I eat?

In case of normal healthy condition, the recommended consumption is 6 tablets a day.

Should I swallow or chew Spiru tabs?

Both ways are great. I prefer chewing when I do not have to go anywhere from home quickly. This is because according to my personal experience, DXN Spirulina tablets can color my teeth, tongue and mouth beautifully green, LOL! There is no problem with this if there is Halloween and you wanna scare some trick-or-treaters, but if you take your daily dose of Spirulina before going to work for example, swallow them with water. Brushing teeth – even with DXN Ganozhi tootpaste – after chewing Spirulina would be a great waste. If I decide to chew on them, I let the algae absorb from my mouth.

I also encourage people to be creative when taking DXN products, including DXN Spirulina tablet as well. It can be powderized and given to soups, smoothies, shakes, rice, paste and even cakes and ice-cream too. In case someone uses Spirulina for cooking, I recommend mixing it to the food after the main heat-treatment to preserve its nutritive value.


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100% organic Spirulina platensis, Excipients.