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Ganoderma cocoa coffee is the favourtie drink of health conscious gourmands
  • Ganoderma cocoa coffee is the favourtie drink of health conscious gourmands

Ganoderma cocoa coffee for health conscious gourmands in a big 1-kilo-Megapack: DXN Zhi Mocha

Ganoderma cocoa coffee: when the world of coffee and cocoa collides and something wonderful is born from this impact.


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Ganoderma cocoa coffee satiates my craving for sweets

Ganoderma cocoa coffee simply blew my mind when I first tasted it. It is a true masterpiece from dr. Lim, CEO and founder of DXN company.

Mochaccino in DXN style with Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract blended with instant Brazilian Arabica coffee powder made from the selected coffee beans and cocoa powder. If you have a sweet tooth, this megapack of DXN Zhi Mocha comes in very handy at home!

Is the Megapack version of DXN Zhi Mocha more economical than the sachet version?

The 1-kg-Megapack costs a bit less money per kilogram than the sachet version of this healthy coffee. In my case, as I am a greedy guy who does not always know his limits with sweets, the aluminium foil bag of DXN Zhi Mocha Megapack might get empty sooner than if I drank the sachet-dosed version. Why? In my case, the answer is that I many times drink 2 or 3 portions of Zhi Mocha from a 5-deciliter-mug instead of just one portion from a 2 deciliter-glass. I also did this with sachets, pouring 2 sachets of instant Ganoderma cocoa coffee into my mug. So, in my case, if it comes to sweets and DXN coffee, there is no limit. But, generally speaking, the Megapack can be more economical, even for me. Right now, for about 2 weeks I have only drunk 1 dose of Zhi Mocha, measuring it from the Megapack. So, no surprise, coffee dosage depends on mood as well, and of course the need of the boosting of energy level. Speaking of dosage and portions:

How much is one dose of Ganoderma cocoa coffee from DXN Zhi Mocha Megapack?

2 tablespoons of this instant Ganoderma cocoa coffee-wonder makes one dose. I drink it adding about not more than 2 deciliters of water. This is the type of DXN coffee that is really the best when it is not diluted too much. The amount of added water also depends on personal taste. My sponsor for example drinks it from a cup, just like DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1.

Still speaking of DXN coffee doses: I am still living at large! No mug is enough for my Zhi Mocha dose!…:D Here is my Ganoderma hot chocolate personal DXN product experience video in my kitchen at home:


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