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DXN Ganoderma Mycelium capsules alkalize and rejuvenate the human body
  • DXN Ganoderma Mycelium capsules alkalize and rejuvenate the human body

Ganoderma Mycelium capsules optimize body functions: DXN GL 30

DXN GL 30 Ganoderma Mycelium capsules rebalance and rejuvenate the body.


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Packaging Size: 30 capsules x 450mg

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Ganoderma Mycelium capsules for a balanced, alkaline body

Ganoderma Mycelium capsules are filled with the active substance of the 14-day-old Lingzhi medicinal mushroom. Reishi rebalances and detoxifies the body in a much more milder way than DXN Reishi Gano extract.

(Note: Reishi and Lingzhi mean Ganoderma in Japanese and Chinese language.)

Ganoderma Mycelium capsules are part of Ganotherapy

Ganoderma Mycelium capsules are also used in Ganotherapy.

I have seen cheaper Ganoderma in shops. Aren’t DXN Ganoderma Mycelium capsules too expensive? 

DXN Ganoderma Mycelium capsules contain only the useful part: the 100% pure active substance of the medicinal mushroom. Because of this, the price of Ganocelium capsules seem higher than those products, that have the whole mushroom in a grinded form. This means they have less active substance. hence they are cheaper.

Where are DXN Ganocelium capsules manufactured?

DXN company produces Ganoderma Mycelium capsules in Alor Setar, Malaysia in its own factory. The company handles everything from cultivation through packaging to distribution (DXN One Dragon philosophy). This very useful fact ensures Low Price, High Quality – a slogen that means that DXN products have therefore unmatched top-notch quality at the lowest price in the market.

How much Ganoderma Mycelium capsules should I take?

The ‘magic’ 1-2-4-6 sequence

Consumption of the 30-piece Ganoderma Mycelium capsules of course are the same as that of DXN GL 360. Drink a lot of water to it to ensure faster purging of toxins.

The first week 1 capsule a day, from the next weeks 2-4-6 capsules per day. This ‘magic’ dosage number sequence applies to all packages of DXN Lingzhi capsules, both RG and GL.

If anyone experiences unpleasant symptoms of detoxification, like headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, weakness, the dosage should not be enhanced. It should remain the same until the symptoms cease.

My journey with DXN products also started with GL (the powder form) and DXN healthy coffees.

Will I experience any side-effect when I take Ganoderma Mycelium capsules?

No, you will not. There are no side-effects of taking Ganoderma Mycelium capsules. Some above mentioned detox symptoms might occur, depending on how strong your body is. Take Ganoderma with plenty of water, start with a low daily dose and increase gradually. This will ensure no painful symtoms or milder ones only.

The emphasis is on continuous taking of Ganoderma.

All in all, detoxification is a good thing, and if any symptoms occur, they will cease when the body starts to get back in balance. This is for the greater good, so just be patient and maintain the dosage in case of durable pain. If the symptoms make you feel very uncomfortable, cut back the dosage to 1 capsule in every 2-3 days. The Ganoderma Mycelium capsules can be taken apart as well, so you can also take half capsule if it is more comfy for your overall well-being. The emphasis is on continuous taking of Ganoderma.


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Ingredients: 100% Ganoderma lucidum mycelium Capsule shell: hypromellose