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Mocha coffee with Ganoderma medicinal mushroom from DXN
  • Mocha coffee with Ganoderma medicinal mushroom from DXN

DXN Zhi Mocha healthy coffee with Ganoderma and cocoa powder

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Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 21g

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Mochaccino lovers, Zhi Mocha was created for you by DXN!

It is the healthy coffee drink with the taste of chocolate! Instant coffee powder made from selected Brazilian Arabica coffee beans, Ganoderma lucidum extract and the finest cocoa powder.

Whether hot or served with ice cubes, DXN Zhi Mocha has a sweet, unique, creamy taste followed by a slightly bitter but pleasant after-taste. Adding some whip-cream and cinnamon makes it even more delicious for you!


This Mocha coffee with Reishi mushroom extract is about half as strong as other DXN healthy coffees, for example DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3in1. I drink my last cup of Ganoderma coffee at 10 P.M. before my last walk with my 3 dogs, and I often choose DXN Zhi Mocha for this occasion. If I am sleepy, I can sleep from Ganoderma coffee well, but before sleeping I have to be focused and sharp when riding my mountain bike with my dogs at night, too.

My personal product experience video of DXN Zhi Mocha alkaline hot chocolate coffee:

For more DXN product experience videos, including not just healthy coffee but DXN Spirulina, Cordyceps, Cordypine and Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extracts as well. check out my YouTube channel here.


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Ingredients: instant coffee powder, cocoa powder, Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract, cream of vegetable origin, cane sugar, milk powder, malt extract.
Nutrient content
in 100 gr product  in 21 gr product
Energy 442,00 kcal 92,82 kcal
Carbohydrate 76,20 g 16,0 g
Fat 12,70 g 2,67 g
Protein 5,50 g 1,16 g