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DXN Zhi Cafe Classic alkaline Turkish coffee with Ganoderma

Turkish coffee with Ganoderma is special because of the extra health benefits of Lingzhi mushroom. Hence the name Zhi Café Classic. It makes my stomach feel fine and I am calm, cheerful and energetic at the same time.


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Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 20g

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Product Description

Benefits of Turkish coffee with Ganoderma

Turkish coffee with Ganoderma is the healthiest way to enjoy ground coffee beans boiled with hot water. Heartburn and blood pressure problems are history for me ever since I drink DXN Ganoderma coffee specialties. Products work fine for me, that is why I am also in Ganoderma coffee business

How do I prepare this Turkish-style Ganoderma coffee specialty?

DXN serves you Zhi Cafe® Classic prepared from a blend of Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract and fully roasted coffee beans. It has a mild, smooth taste with deep, pleasant aroma of Turkish Coffee. I do not prepare this type of  DXN coffee according to the instruction. I cut the filter open and pure the coffee-ganoderma mixture to the bottom of my mug. Then I add the hot water. Call me barbarian, but most of the times I eat the ground coffee from the mug after drinking the beverage. I demonstrate this in the video too, he-he.

I prepare a cup of DXN Zhi Cafe Classic at home in my video here:


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Directions for usage: Put coffee bag into the cup, pour 150 ml of hot water on it. Let it steep and mix. Ingredients: Coffee beans (58%), cane sugar (40%) and Ganoderma extract (2%).
Nutrient content in 100gr in 20gr
Energy  397,0 kcal  79,4 kcal
Carbohydrate  87,3 g  17,5 g
Protein  6,6 g  1,3 g
Fat  2,4 g  0,5 g