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  • Black coffee with Ganoderma: DXN alkaline healthy coffee

    Black coffee with Ganoderma: DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee

    Black coffee with Ganoderma

    Black coffee with Ganoderma is what stands behing the name: DXN Lingzhi Black coffee.

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  • DXN Andro G Andrographis paniculata herbal extract: good during a flu pandemic

    Good friend during flu pandemic: DXN Andro G capsules

    DXN Andro G: Andrographis paniculata extract capsules

    This herb, also popular with Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, is very bitter but all the healthier. Of course, we do not feel the taste when consuming the capsules. DXN Andro G capsules, like those of Ganoderma medicinal mushrooms, are very easy to swallow.


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  • Organic Spirulina Algae Powder from DXN: Queen of Superfoods

    DXN Spirulina Powder: a must to have for healthy alkalizing smoothies

    DXN Spirulina in powder form, without any added substances, only from 100% pure Spirulina from DXN Holdings Berhad’s farm in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.


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    Ingredients for healthy alkalizing smoothies: DXN Spirulina algae powder

    DXN Spirulina algae powder is the same as DXN Spirulina tablets 500 and DXN Spirulina tablets 120 piece version, with the slight difference that it does not contain the minimum non-hazardous additives (talc, calcium carbonate, gum arabic) that contain Spirulina powder in tablet form.

  • DXN Apple Enzyme Drink webshop

    DXN Apple Enzyme Drink

    100 + enzymes, delicious, healthy… any questions? 🙂

    Love for the first taste – another delicious and healthy DXN product among my favorites


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    Why do I choose the DXN apple enzyme drink?

    We could rightly ask the question, why would it be worth buying the much more expensive DXN Apple Enzyme Drink if we have the opportunity to buy cheaper apple juice (and other juices) in stores than DXN apple juice?


    Calisthenics hanging leg raises sideways variation

    No, I am not trying to kick out the iron pillar 🙂

    Why is the DXN apple enzyme drink more expensive than a simple apple juice?

    DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is made from fermented apples, so it’s not just a simple juice. Apples are fermented for years in special metal tanks in Alor Setar, Malaysia, at the DXN Holdings Berhad site.

    For this reason, DXN Apple Enzyme Drink contains more than a hundred kinds of valuable enzymes.


    An ‘apple juice’ that is not only healthy but also divinely delicious


    In addition to making the product healthy, one of the most important things is that the DXN Apple Enzyme Drink tastes amazing! You can also carry it in your pocket, and if you drink little water by default, with this delicacy, you are sure to help your body get the daily fluid intake it needs, because I think the delicacy is less forgotten to drink.



    This is why people tend to forget to take supplements, but they would never miss their daily coffee – up to 4-5 cups. I also prefer to drink something delicious instead of or in addition to plain water.

    Healthy delicacies’ business

    Ganoderma coffee and other delicious DXN healthy drinks are also a great opportunity to build a business if you want to get more out of your life in terms of both the amount and quality of your free time and your finances.

  • Ganoderma rice vinegar from DXN Holdings BerhadDXN Ganoderma lucidum red yeast rice vinegar: DXN Vinaigrette

    DXN Vinaigrette: rice vinegar with Ganoderma medicinal mushroom

    DXN Vinaigrette is made from selected rice vinegar and Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom. It is fermented for years using traditional techniques to preserve its distinctive flavour and quality.


    This is not the proper way to drink DXN Hongqu, but the face I make in the video is definitely funny 🙂



    It had already been consumed in China 3,000 years ago. It is considered to be “the secret of longevity, peace and balance”.


    Red yeast rice is rich in 18 different amino acids and folic acid and contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6.

  • Showing a sachet of Lion's Mane Lemon TeaDXN Lion's Mane Mushroom Oolong Tea is safe to drink, while it does not contain a lot of caffeine and the medicinal mushroom balances the blood pressure too

    DXN Lion’s Mane Lemon Tea

    DXN Lion’s Mane Lemon Tea is a unique tea drink made from high-quality fine powder of black and oolong tea. DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom lemon tea combines the sweet and sour taste of lemon and the taste of Lion’s Mane mushroom powder.


    Packaging size: 20 bags x 22g


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  • Making DXN Lion's Mane Oocha: Malaysian Chinese hedgehog mushroom instant Oolong tea in English style using hot waterDXN's English-style Malaysian Chinese hedgehog mushroom tea

    DXN Lion’s Mane Oocha

    DXN Lion’s Mane Oocha is made from Oolong tea powder with Lion’s Mane mushroom powder, non-dairy creamer and cane sugar. It is very tasty and easy to prepare both cold and hot.


    Packaging size: 12 bags x 30g


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  • I am showing a sachet of DXN Lion's Mane Coffee to youDXN Lion's Mane Coffee: Malaysian Chinese hedgehog mushroom 3in1 coffee

    DXN Lion’s Mane Coffee

    DXN Lion’s Mane Coffee is a unique, tasty blend of Lion’s Mane mushroom powder, non-dairy creamer and cane sugar. It’s delicious both hot and cold, and it’s easy to make.


    Packaging size: 20 bags x 21g


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  • DXN Mengkudu capsules and the powder of noni insideNoni capsules from DXN Holdings Berhad

    DXN Mengkudu Capsules

    Morinda Citrifolia, the fruit of rejuvenation


    Noni is a tropical and subtropical plant that grows ont he Pacific Islands. Traditionally it has been a healthy drink for indigenous people.

    Morinda Citrifolia is the best natural anti-ageing plant. Noni juice and DXN Morinzhi is here now in capsule form!


    Packaging size:

    Each bottle: 350mg x 30 capsules
    Each bottle: 350mg x 90 capsules


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